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A group of people who share a common goal can reach the impossible.”


The history of our company dates back to 2011. Andrea Candian comes from a family of hair stylists and he has been applying his entrepeneurial skills to a variety of fields. At a certain point he decided to make his dream come true by creating an organisation that could join his passion for business with his family roots. By exchanging views with friends from the hair care sector a common wish was immediately pointed out:
Working safely by using delicate and performative products that do not affect the hairstylist’s main tool, hands.
After some time spent in seeking a solution that can satisfy this need by studying essential oils and their therapeutic properties the answer came exactly from these benefits and therefore a first line of products was created with a new perspective:
A professional line based entirely on Natural Active Ingredients.
In fact, what is considered “natural” is often based on chemical formulations with the addition of only a few natural ingredients. The idea is to reverse this trend by creating a new kind of product.
A sound basis of natural elements combined with a marginal percentage of performative ingredients while avoiding completely the use of Sls, parabens, formaldehyde, which are all harmful to health.
In order to develop a long-term project, Andrea Candian decided to involve Alex Dobao, who immediately joined him. His family has been in hairdressing for three-generations and he has personally achieved a great experience in terms of technique, creation of products and colouring, training of hairstylists, professionals and agents. Futhermore, he is well-known for the extremely effective managerial organisation of his hair salons that he has applied to many other companies in the Spanish market, an expertise thar makes him one of the leading profiles for training in this sector.
Organic Pure Care is a young and dynamic company made of a great team of professionals and collaborators that are very sensitive to market trends and in a constant research for innovation. The core mission is the protection and nourishment of hair and scalp by meeting the expectations of all professionals that make use of natural ingredients and assuring excellent results while protecting the health of customers and collaborators as well.
The Company Headquarters are located in one of the main European business hubs: VENICE. This city, with its history and unique features, is well-known in the world for its past commercial relationships with the Far East and for the greateness of Venetian people. Organic Pure Care decided to start from this city and in an area characterised by a variety of businesses that have a common objective: increasing local economy to built a bright future for MADE IN ITALY products.
As a matter of fact, while been deeply rooted in Italy, Organic Pure Care has enlarged its market to include the United States of America in 2013 and opened a new branch in Florida. Thanks to the efficient work of its team, direct distribution and a network of commercial partners, Organic Pure Care products can be now found in Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Eastern Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Esthonia, Romania, Poland, Hungary) and Cyprus.
At Organic Pure Care we are well aware of the need to rely on products that are healthy for people and safe for the environment and this is the reason why we are an excellent partner in the pursuit of fundamental values as quality and excellence.





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